Thousands of Swedish women share the country’s most popular name – Anna Andersson. Besides their name and nationality, do they have anything else in common? In 2014, I travelled the length of Sweden to find out. From a tattooed lady to a priest, a child to a 100-year old, I found astonishing diversity within this statistically significant group of women who all answer to the same name.

WHO IS ANNA ANDERSSON? is a visual account of 50 women who, at least superficially, share the same identity. This collection of intimate portraits reveals what unites and distinguishes people with a common name. The photographs combine personal stories with a captivating glimpse of life in contemporary Sweden and offer a new perspective on a national character. Whether you’re interested in foreign cultures, naming conventions or simply love peering into the lives of complete strangers, this book will fascinate you, no matter how many times you flip through the pages.

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Who is Anna Andersson