Lodestars Anthology: Pathways

Lodestars Anthology: Pathways shines a photographic light on 12 of the most memorable paths and trails the ever-growing Lodestars team has traversed since the magazine’s launch in 2014. It captures the details found along these routes (the personalities, landscapes and traditions encountered), as well as the accompanying sense of discovery and wonder.

Each journey we take has a beginning and an end but, in this book, we want to relish the bits in between. So, whether leading you over mountain passes in the Italian Alps, along rivers of the most improbable hues or through sprawling, cosmopolitan capitals with their bevy of gourmet delights, we want to inspire you to follow these paths, embrace wanderlust and appreciate the moment. This book is more than a guide. It captures the lives of the people we meet, the joys of travel, and the cultures and landscapes that remind us to adventure on.